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  H. E. Mr. Dashjamts Batsaikhan, Ambassador of Mongolia to Bulgaria, was a guest at the first workshop (8.02.) under the Euro-Mongolian Cooperation for Modernization of Engineering Education project "Erasmus +". He congratulated the participants in the project and emphasized the great satisfaction that the links between the three Mongolian universities with TU - Sofia and universities from Germany, France and Italy will give new impetus for the modernization of engineering education, scientific and applied research and technological innovation in the field electronics, energy, renewable energy and IT technologies. He confirmed that high-quality and adaptive learning at TUS is well-known to the Mongolian academic community. The meeting was attended by HE. Prof. Dr. L. Dugerjav, former Ambassador of Mongolia and a friend of TU, ​​Rector Prof. Dr. Gergi Mihov and Prof. Ivan Yachev, Head of International Exchange and Integration Sector.
 The international project is a 3-year, worth 1 million leva, coordinated by Prof. Slavka Tzanova, Technical University of Sofia, and partners: National University of Mongolia, National Technical University of Mongolia, Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Technical Uniuversity of Berlin , The French Institute for renewable energies - INES and Politecnico di Torino. The aim of the cooperation is knowledge transfer between higher education institutions in the EU and Mongolia for the modernization of the existing academic programs in the field of electrical engineering, preparation of new e-learning courses and discussion and application of the results in practice.
 Enhancing the attractiveness and competitiveness of European higher education, on which the mobility of staff is based, is a key objective of the Bologna Process. The development of global partnerships with educational institutions worldwide enhances the quality of training, teaching and research and contributes significantly to the experience of teachers and students.

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